Sabtu, 22 Januari 2011

Tante Girang Seksi Mandi

Tante Girang Seksi Mandi When you are at home, don't ignore each other. That's where pure romance begins. Going on dates isn't the only time that couples are supposed to be with each other. Whether you are married or not, there are things to do together when you are at home. Doing so is a show of respect to your lover and makes him or her feel valued. Here are some of the things that my fantastic wife and I do together at home. A big one for us is watching TV or movies. We probably watch at least one movie together each day. We eat together everyday - either at the table or in our bed. We pray and read the Bible together (not as much as we should). We even built a website together where we share the story of how we met online and entered into a long distance relationship.

Be nice to your girlfriend, fiancée, or wife and go shopping with him. You show respect for him with your willingness to just with him - even that's not your first choice of entertainment. Jamie and I went shopping together every week. My wife likes that I went with him. We also went together toto the flea market ,mall or wherever . Even if you are not a person who likes to shop, show your lover that you are willing to just be with him if that's what he wanted to do. There are many other activities my wife and I do so that our own pure romance did not fail. We enjoy going bowling, Going to the Movie Theater is one of our favorites. We also have miniature golf and go to other amusement parks.

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