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Tante Gosip: Beyonce 'Live at Roseland' DVD

Tante Gosip: Beyonce 'Live at Roseland' DVD Teases Full-length video will be featured on deluxe edition of B's Beyoncé just wants to "Dance for You" in new teases for her 4 album track.

The sexy video will be featured in the deluxe edition of Queen B's "Live at Roseland" DVD special, out November 29.In two clips posted on, Beyoncé dons hot pants, garters and a slinky wrap dress as she performs a sexy dance routine on a desk. The video has a film noir vibe, as a private eye-type character watches Beyoncé as she dances. In the other tease, Beyoncé, in the same outfit, dances seductively in front of a chair as the camera cuts to the detective fellow watching her.
"Dance for You" is one of three tracks featured as bonus material on the deluxe version of 4, along with "Lay Up Under Me" and "Schoolin' Life." The track was produced by The-Dream and features writing credits from Tricky Stewart as well as Beyoncé. It's a sexy R&B jam about keeping things hot with her man. On it, she sings, "Tonight I'm gonna dance for you/ Tonight I'm gonna dance for you/ Tonight I'm gonna put my body on your body/ Boy, I like it when you watch me/ Tonight it's going down."
"Live at Roseland" was filmed in August over four shows performed at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City. It features Beyoncé recounting anecdotes about her career while she performs some of her older tracks, before launching into a nonstop performance of 4 played straight through.The standard edition of "Live at Roseland" hit shelves this week, along with concert specials from Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. Adele also drops her "Live at Royal Albert Hall" DVD on November 29.

Tante Gosip: Beyonce 'Dance For You' Video

Tante Gosip: Beyonce 'Dance For You' VideoBeyonce’s “Dance For You” video looks to be sizzling with retro style-not the 90s day-glo fun of her flirty “Party” video or the 60s mod fashion of “Countdown”, but a more classic seductive look that feels inspired by the 40s or film noir.

In two video stills that surfaced today, the busy B is seen wearing thigh-high nylons and garters as she stands in an open doorway, and again as she dances in front of a vintage-style fan. Get your sneak peek at the visuals for the 4 bonus track below.It’s difficult to tell from the photos, but it’s possible this was shot well in advance of Beyonce’s baby bump becoming as pronounced as it is today. 

“Dance For You”, which we spun in our post about Beyonce’s Live At Roseland DVD, is a dangerously slick slow-jam co-produced by The-Dream, and the early visuals from the video show she plans to conduct herself accordingly. Is B about to out-do herself? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments.

Tante Gosip: Video New Beyonce , Dance sexy For You

Tante Gosip: Video New Beyonce , Dance sexy For YouI would love it if Queen Overlord Supreme Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Butter Pecan Sugary Scoops Knowles would create a video for every song on 4. But if Beyonce is going to tease us by making us wait, then I will idly sit by for sexy video after sexy video until I've got myself a collection. Let's roll that clip!

After tantalizing visuals for "Run The World", "1+1", "Countdown", "Best Thing I Never Had", and "Party", we're getting another music video from Beyonce's latest album, this time from the slow jam track "Dance For You". So what did you expect with a song like that? Before her body gets all deformed from being pregnant and all, Beysus has lots to show you! Watch the video below:

Jumat, 25 November 2011

Tante Madonna Sexy New Fragrance

Tante Madonna Sexy New Fragrance Looking to expand her empire even more, Madonna is set to launch a collection of lifestyle products.

The Queen of Pop would like to see the line target women between the ages of 27 and 50 and is scheduled to debut next spring.And for the first time ever, Madonna will debut a fragrance in the new collection.Of the new business venture, Madonna said in a statement, “Over the past several years, I have been approached countless times to create my own brand. The timing is right and I have found great partners in Iconix, who can help translate my vision to reality.”

Tante Gosip Taylor Swift Sexy Wins 2011 AMA

Tante Gosip Taylor Swift Sexy Wins 2011 AMACapping off quite the successful evening, Taylor Swift was the big winner at the 2011 American Music Awards in Los Angeles, California on Sunday evening.

With the show being held at Nokia Theatre LA Live, the "Mine" singer ended up being awarded with the annual event's top prize - Artist of the Year.Being doted with multiple trophies during the AMAs, Swift also picked up honors for Female Country Artist and Country Album for her disc titled "Speak Now".Making for quite the musical extravaganza, performers at the 2011 AMAs included the likes of Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Clarkson, Nicki Minaj with David Guetta, Maroon 5 with Christina Aguilera and a night-capping effort from LMFAO. (November 20)

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Tante Gossip: Nikita's mother, she's Gak-Neko Neko

Tante Gossip: Nikita's mother, she's Gak-Neko NekoHas not been completed on the case of theft at his home and suffered the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars, now the problem comes back on pesinetron pretty, Nikita Willy. Known Nikita clubbing photos circulating in cyberspace. Like what Nikita's mother commented, Yora?

"That the photographs in Bara's birthday. Not in the club, but at the cafe. Bara family also come, but not aunt. I still have not seen his picture, which surely was his birthday Bara. I know how come, every Nikita go there must be something jagain. Either an assistant or his brother, who would all know where she went, "said Yora.Yora who was contacted via telephone on Tuesday (1 / 11) asserts, that the location for the image is in the cafe area of ​​Pondok Indah, which he said was not an appropriate place under suspicion."Nikita was not adventurous, because everywhere is always the same aunt. 

I question the life outside of soap operas, because he's now filming the soap opera it appeared just outside Jakarta Quote dibatasin. Shooting is reduced, usually go home at 12 malem, now at 7 malem've come home, "lid Yora.As reported previously, these pictures while clubbing Nikita Willy scattered in cyberspace. In the photo, she wore a sexy dress with low cleavage. 

She seemed to enjoy the fun with his friends, and even he was also embraced by a man suspected of Bara Tampubolon, her lover. (MPA / hen / aia)

Tante Gossip Nikita Photos Circulating clubbing!

Tante Gossip Nikita Photos Circulating clubbing!Nikita Willy image as an artist like Cinderella seems questionable return. If he's usually known as the artist who calmly polite, revealed the fact that this time is really the opposite. The reason is, this looks beautiful virgin posing naughty in a nightclub!

Not long ago, circulated photos of naughty picture of Nikita is engrossed with her friends at a nightclub. In the photo it seems she was partying with fashion and style of behavior that could be considered surprising. Suddenly alone image 'princess' is commonly seen in Nikita fade.In addition to wearing a sexy dress slit lower chest and a little indulgence in the body, she also appeared clutching a man who allegedly is a lover Nikita, Bara Tampubolon. 

Besides looking embraced, the man looked toward the middle finger picture taker.Here it seems clear that life has been crazy as inherent in the life of a girl born June 29, 1994 this. But until now, the Nikita can not be questioned associated the spread of these naughty pictures. The family was still shut up with the news.APPROXIMATELY how COMMENT YA MOM NIKITA? (MPA / ris)