Minggu, 02 Januari 2011

Tante Bispak Surabaya

Tante Bispak Surabaya. A man Revels in the fact that he is in pursuit of something or someone. He just built to hunt and chase, and so if he knew that this was a fun game has come to an unexpected end, so he just gave up. Nothing to look forward to again so he just chose to let go. You're not a woman of his dreams. He may have been chasing you at the beginning but along the way, he found that you are not the type of woman she wants to spend time with seduction killer. This problem of chemistry that he came to realize, and he has made his decision. That the longing that he felt during the chase is no longer in the same and so he chose to quit. You are no longer mysterious woman to him. If you have to let him see past calm expression and he now knows that you feel something for him, then to this man, the mystery has been revealed. Your emotions just gives you away!

That's why if you change one of which always take fail in a matter of days, it would puzzle any woman, if you try to wrack your brain for reasons why a man suddenly change when they know that you already like them, here they are are:
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