Selasa, 01 Februari 2011

Tante Girang Indo Manis

Tante Girang Indo Manis Brain Stimulation Techniques: How can so that we can train the brain to work optimally? What kind of training programs suitable for the brain? Not only cars that should be treated tablets. Not many people understand how to train the brain for cognitive reserve continues to grow and become stronger. Young people today less motivated to survive. Choosing an easy way to get something, it is of concern to them. When in fact the process in reaching that goal become a good learning for our brain. Things like this will also extend our age. So actually, the benefits of brain training was a lot for your physical and mental development of mankind.

Humans need to learn continuously without stopping to be able to obtain sufficient cognitive reserve in the brain. What does it mean that cognitive reserve? Anything that stimulates the brain mentally in human life, can be through employment, education, or hobby. Of stimulating the brain to stimulate the brain to form new neurons cells that will give the appearance of the brain that was better and reduce risikoterkena penyakitAlzheimer. Research says, people who exercise on brain muscles during their lifetime had fewer risks affected by Alzheimer's.

Tante Girang Furthermore, with the advent of MRI technology in medicine, providing an opportunity to experts to investigate more about the healthy brain. Important discoveries obtained from this study mention, that our brain is like plastic (meaning he was not the only form new neurons, but also can change its structure), part of the brain adjacent to the forehead was the most similar, such as plastic. This section controls the main functions such as attention, planning for the future and behaviors in achieving goals. This section is critical to face different situations and adapt quickly. We have to train this part was better by learning and mastering new things in life.

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